Matt Tucker Photography | About
I truly appreciate you pausing to learn about my photography and about me. On pausing, this is exactly why photography is so important to me. It has allowed me to delve deeply into the astounding beauty of our natural world. This beauty is sometimes so obvious that it nearly topples me over. Other times I must slow down, breathe and open myself to the Earth so that I may notice the subtle beauty around me.

It is all around us, both the obvious and the subtle- the fresh, vibrant colors of spring; the sun surfing the ripples of a cold, mountain stream; a majestic Bald Eagle soaring in a brilliant, blue sky; lichen clinging proudly to the side of a boulder; the magic light of winter converting icebergs into dazzling jewels; an immense glacier, like clock hands, a visual reminder that nothing is permanent!

Growing up in rural North Carolina I learned much about roots and wings. I have lived in five states, visited 44 others, and have traveled on three other continents. Currently, I call Alaska and North Carolina my home.

Thank you for checking out my site. It, too, is a dynamic piece of art that will change regularly. Please visit often!